Thursday, February 13, 2014


‎We left Isabela Island this morning at 6am and traveled by speedboat back to Santa Cruz island. It was a 2 hour ride back on pending seas. 

 Isabela is a very laid back place and we wish we could have stayed much longer there. ‎We swam with penguins, a beautiful giant sea turtle, a giant stingray the size of a dining room table and lots of new types of fishes we hadn't seen before.

 On our way back from the lagoon that we snorkelled in, there was a large male Fur seal staying in the middle of the boardwalk. We tried to go by but he charged me several times. All I could do was hold my snorkel and flippers in front of me to block him. He finally turned and jumped off the boardwalk. The seals that are in populated areas are definitely aggressive compared to on the uninhabited islands. 

We will be here in Santa Cruz until tomorrow morning and then we will head back to Quito for one night and then we leave for Buenos Aires!

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Unknown said...

Looks like the most incredible place. So glad you are sharing!