Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Over 60,000kms later...

‎Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and now.... home. That's right, after traveling for 133 days and 62,413 kms, we are now home in Canada. It was an incredible adventure traveling around the world and experiencing different cultures and amazing food. It really was a trip of a lifetime. So glad we decided to say "Fork it! Let's Travel!"

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Ha long Bay is a stunning place in Northern Vietnam. Made up of approximately 2,000 limestone islets that plunge into the sea, the bay is a great place to cruise around for a few days, which is exactly what we did.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Butterflies in a Bamboo Forest

While walking through a bamboo forest near Sapa, we came upon thousands of butterflies fluttering about. It really felt magical.

Home stay in a remote village

On the second night of our trek, we stayed with a local family. Although it wasn't the most peaceful sleep with the rain coming in through the night and the pigs squealing next door, it was really interesting seeing how the family lived. They made us an excellent dinner over an open fire and shared their homemade rice wine.

Rice Terraces

The design of the rice terraces is sheer genius. In the above photo, you can see the little waterfalls between the terraces that ensure the rice paddy is evenly watered.

Water Buffalo Plowing Rice Terrace

Albino Water Buffalo in Sa Pa, Vietnam