Sunday, March 2, 2014

Things we've learned in South America

‎As this is our last night in South America, we've put together a top ten list of things we've learned here on this beautiful continent. 

1. Taxis rarely have working seat belts...‎ and trust us - it should be mandatory! 

2. Always look both ways before you cross the street. Even when you have the green signal, pedestrians don't always have the right of way and the cars don't slow down for you!

3. There are really great people in this world. We've met some of the warmest and most helpful people on our journeys. Some were locals and others have been fellow travelers...all have helped make great memories. 

4. Airports in South America are chaotic. Long lines and line hoppers everywhere! Always plan extra time when going to the airport. 

5. When getting off an airplane, people are pushy! There is no polite queuing and everyone is in a rush... that is until they get off the plane, then they walk soooo sloooow. 

6. ‎ When going for breakfast or lunch in Ecuador, you don't ask for a menu. You get what the restaurant is serving (think of it as a delicious surprise!). :)

7. ‎Bring tissue paper with you everywhere as often public washrooms don't have toilet paper (or a toilet seat). Bring hand sanitizer too. 

8. Zero cares in the world. There's a laid back style that many in South America seem to have where they seem to have zero cares in the world... if they are blocking traffic (meh!)...if they are asked for something (meh...they'll get to it). No one seems to rush - unless they are trying to get off a plane. 

9. Restaurant service is friendly and never rushed. You are never handed your bill without asking for it... and sometimes once you've asked for it, it won't arrive for at least another 30 minutes. 

10. South America is diverse, varied, and has some of the most spectacular scenery we've ever seen. ‎We've experienced so many incredible moments and have learned to take each experience and appreciate it for all it offers. 

A big thank you to the people of Peru, Ecuador, Argentina and Chile for allowing us to visit their beautiful countries, enjoy their delicious food and for creating great memories. 

Next stop... Australia!

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